Education Support Services

The purpose of the Educational Support Services (ESS) program is to provide academic support for students who have been diagnosed as having a learning difference that adversely impacts academic performance.

The program strives to help each student embrace talents and abilities, with a realization that struggles in life are a way that God works in and through us. The goal of the program is to maximize strengths in each student, in an effort to achieve academic success within the regular classroom, with a focus on each student as a child of God, created uniquely for His work.

Educational Support Services (ESS) offers programs to assist the specific needs of students with learning differences.  We work with teachers and parents to suggest educational accommodations in the classroom and we monitor the student’s achievements. The ESS team of teachers recognizes that a partnership with the parents of our students is imperative for the students to achieve success through our program and services.

Educational Support Services has developed a multi-faceted program in order to meet individual learning needs of our students. Students applying for acceptance to PACS must be able to be successful in a college preparatory environment with classroom accommodations.

Anne Henderson

Director of Education Support Services ​