Reenrolling students must be in compliance with all requirements for enrollment.  The school reserves the right to refuse reenrollment to any student or students of families who have demonstrated disharmony regarding the purpose, objectives, standards, policies, rules and regulations of the school.  In addition, no family may be re-admitted unless all financial obligations have been met from the previous school year, student has positive behavior, and academic progress.

Each year parents will be given the opportunity to reenroll their children for the following year.  There will be a two-week period that all returning families may reenroll to secure their child's place in the class.  After the two-week reenrollment period has expired, your child is not guaranteed a space in his or her class.


2017-2018 Reenrollment Packet


Prince Avenue Christian School Avenue Christian School (PACS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, biological gender, ethnic origin or age in its employment, admissions, rights, privileges, programs, activities or in the administration of any educational or co-curricular activities or policies.