Homecoming at Prince Avenue Christian School is an event that students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni can all enjoy!  Spirit Week provides a number of fun activities designed to unify all Wolverines, and it is always fun to catch up with our graduates when they return to campus for the football game tailgate.

Alumni Activities - 2016 Homecoming Weekend

Alumni Tailgate

Friday, October 7 - Alumni Homecoming Tailgate will be held on Friday beginning at 6:00 pm under the big tent in the end zone of Brad Akins Field.  

This gathering is a great way to reconnect with your alma mater and fellow classmates.  There will be food and fun for your entire family.  Homecoming Football Tickets are free for all alumni and one guest.  There will be an alumni check-in table at the home gate.  Please tell the gate attendant the year you graduated for admittance.  All other tickets may be purchased at the stadium for $7 per person.  

Dinner and a Show

Saturday, October 8 -  "Dinner and a Show" will begin at 5:15 pm at Dominick's Italian Restaurant in Watkinsville.  The dinner will be followed by the play "Into the Woods" performed by our own Prince Avenue Christian School High School Drama Department.  This event is a mile from the dinner venue at the Oconee Civic Center.  The show begins at 7:00 pm.  

We would love to treat you to this event, but you will need to register due to limited seating.  Please contact Kim Brannon or Lynne Bottoms in the Development Office at knbrannon@princeave.org or lbottoms@princeave.org if you are interested in attending.  


Homecoming 2016: Spirit Week

What's "UP" with you Lakeview?"

Wolverines,Let’s show “UP” and bring home a WIN! 


Prince Avenue Christian School's 2016 Homecoming will be celebrated on Friday, October 7, with Spirit Week leading up to the varsity football game against Lakeview.  All students are invited to participate in the Spirit Week dress up days.  Middle and high school students will also compete in banner, hall decoration and spirit cheer/skit competitions.


Dress Up Themes:


Monday - POWER UP:  BOOM, WHAM, POW!!!!  Put on your cape and mask and help save the day. Calling all superheroes and villains to protect the Wolverine Domain…when our superheroes get done with you, it’ll be the final chapter for the Lions.  BAM!!!  KAPOW!!!! 


Tuesday - Grow UP: “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Wolverine Kid!!!”  From babies and toddlers to teens and adults…pick your favorite age group and show the Lions how to “Grow UP!”  Footie pajamas, bibs, pacifiers, smocked dresses, overalls, stuffed animals, favorite profession (what I wanna be when I grow up), etc.  


Wednesday - Surf's UP:  Surf's up dude! It’s time to catch a gnarly win against Lakeview…Grab your flip flops, Hawaiian shirts, tropical wear, beach bags and floppy hats and get ready to beach it UP!  Hang ten Wolverines! No swimsuits please. 


Thursday - Squad UP:  Squad means family, and family means nobody gets left behind! #squadgoals  Find your squad and make a plan to dress alike for the day.  Power Rangers to Pink Ladies…Dalmatians to Minions…all squads welcome! Watch out Lakeview Lions…Wolverines are on squad patrol, and we’re coming after you!


Friday - Prep UP: Pink and green, we fit into the scene…orange and blue how tacky are you!!! It’sFriday and time to Frat Up and wear your preppiest of prep attire.  Sperry’s, seersucker, khakis, bowties, Bermuda shorts and oxfords shirts will complete the ensemble and get you GAME READY!! From the runway to the school hallway…dress to impress and don’t forget your sunglasses! Friday night section will be Prep-Frat-tastic! 


2016 Homecoming Representatives:

Homecoming Representatives are chosen by the high school student body.  Criteria for selection includes the “fruit” of the Spirit as listed in Galatians 5:22-23.  Students are asked to consider: Do these students have a genuine walk with the Lord?  Does their social media honor God? Are they striving to please Christ above all else?  Are they involved in school activities, and do they proudly support all things Prince Avenue?

Representing the ninth grade are Allie Carter and Hamilton Culpepper.  Sophomore representatives are Lilly Renn and Trace Jeffers, while the juniors elected are Emma Taylor and Matthew Colquitt.  Senior representatives include Virginia Beth Butler, Macy Frazier, Palmer Heath,  Isabelle Renn, Baylee Rogers, Josh Cartey, Jared Gilstrap, Forde Norris, Chandler Smith, and Sam Todd.  High school students will elect Mr. and Miss PACS from the senior representatives.

Mr. and Miss PACS will be voted on by the high school students.  Mr. PACS will be announced at the Wolverine Growl, and Miss PACS will be announced during half-time of the Homecoming football game on Friday night.


Seated left to right:  Isabelle Renn, Macy Frazier, Baylee Rogers, Palmer Heath, and Virginia Beth Butler
Standing left to right:  Allie Carter,   Trace Jeffers, Emma Taylor, Forde Norris,  Chandler Smith, Jared Gilstrap, Sam Todd, Josh Cartey, Matthew Colquitt, Lilly Renn, and Hamilton Culpepper.  



Lilly Renn, Virginia Beth Butler, Baylee Rogers, Palmer Heath, Isabelle Renn, Macy Frazier, Emma Taylor, and Allie Carter


Hamilton Culpepper, Trace Jeffers, Matthew Colquitt, Forde Norris, Josh Cartey, Jared Gilstrap, Chandler Smith, and Sam Todd



            2016 Miss PACS Palmer Heath and Mr. PACS Forde Norris


Wolverine Pre-Growl Block Pizza Party and Wolverine Growl Family Pep Rally - Thursday, October 6

Pre-Growl Block Party:  Everyone is invited from 6:00-6:45 pm for free pizza which will be served to our families in the Pavilion.

Wolverine Growl Pep Rally:  Everyone is invited to the Wolverine Gymnasium at 7:00 pm for our annual Homecoming pep rally.  Students wear your homecoming t-shirts! 

This is a great night for the entire family!  No registration is required for these events.